Access Capital in the Movies

Our Park Avenue location is not only a center for finance and business, but also a renowned destination for filmmakers, fashion shots and advertisements. There’ve been so many movies, commercials and magazine ads filmed here that the sight of a film crew is a pretty ordinary occurrence. After all, it was a subway grate on Lexington Avenue behind our building that was the site of Marilyn Monroe’s legendary skirt-blowing scene in The Seven Year Itch. And in front of a jewelry shop window just two blocks away on Fifth Avenue, Audrey Hepburn pouted as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Still, even though movie stars visit often to do their work, some do attract attention. Here are three that caused even our seasoned New Yorkers to get excited:

To the right is our own Donna Reichert, Vice President-Operations and Corporate Treasurer, taking a break from making wire transfers to clients to spend a moment with George Clooney when he was here filming Michael Clayton. Below are the girls of Sex and the City, in a picture taken from the front door of our building when they were here for the day filming a scene from the Sex and the City movie.

The next photo is yet another that was taken from the entrance of our office building as the actors from USA’s hit show White Collar stroll by for a scene.

Our home on Park Avenue has served as the back drop for many television shows and films over the years. It’s also viewed as prime real estate for artists to showcase their work. Right now, an installment called Park Avenue Paper Chase featuring the work of sculptor Alice Aycock can be seen on the traffic islands of Park Avenue from 52nd up to 66th Street. The piece shown here is on display right outside our office building. For those of us who work in the area, it’s a great way to experience art on our way to the office or during a lunchtime stroll.


Donna with George Clooney. Lucky George!


"Sex and The City" stars filming outside our offices.


Actors Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay while filming White Collar.

Twin Vortexes

Twin Vortexes by Alice Aycock