• The people at Access Capital have been my bankers and my friends from the start of my old company, ten years ago, through its sale the year before last. I’d speak with them all the time about everything going on and they were always there for me, right through the sale and continuing after when I wasn’t even a client anymore. I’ve now started a new business and Access Capital has continued to be there for me, with money and with insight. I wouldn’t work without them.
    Larry W., Founder and President

    Specialty magazine publishing, New York, NY
  • We came to Access Capital with an unusual situation. Our business required financing from people who had the understanding and were willing to take the time to work through a complex set of facts involving a diverse group of stakeholders both in the US and outside of the country with different agendas as well as multiple companies in different lines of business. It was clear from our first meeting with Access that they got it, and since the time we began to work with them our respect for their company has only grown.
    Jaime A., President and CEO

    Importer, Chicago, IL
  • I’ve known Miles and Paul for many years and have always wanted to do a deal with them. They and the rest of the people at Access are clear in their needs, and their knowledge of best practices in our industry was very helpful for our business. I’d absolutely recommend Access Capital - they deliver everything you expect to receive from them and more!
    Chris. P., Chairman

    IT Solutions Company, New York, NY
  • My first job was as a commercial loan officer for a money center bank and so I know first hand what a bank can, and can’t do, for a young growing company. While we’d certainly qualify for bank financing, what we wouldn’t get with a bank is the level of attention and the quality of input available from Access Capital. It’s a great feeling to know that I have a team of people dedicated to my account and I can call any of them at any time to discuss my business. Even though I don’t even have to borrow from Access all of the time, I still want to have them as my bankers for now and for the future.
    John A, President

    Specialty Products Manufacturer, Burlington, NC
  • When my company was in the midst of a meaningful turnaround the other lenders I knew would only look at our past performance. At Access Capital, the view was very much to our current and future situation. Since we came to Access, our business has improved dramatically. As we’ve changed, Access has been on top of these changes and its services for us have changed too. They’ve been great at designing solutions for our specific challenges and opportunities, rather than just trying to sell us the same product every time, regardless of whether we actually need it.
    Bruce H, President

    Medical Equipment Supplier, Los Angeles, CA
  • The contribution that Access Capital has made to my business has just been amazing. My ability to realize on opportunity is not limited by capital constraints - with them, I’ve literally got Access to all the money I need. What a great partner to have.
    Leslie P., President

    Technical Staffing Company, Miami, FL