Our Services

Access Capital provides the following services nationwide:

Accounts Receivable Funding:

  • Asset Based Lending
  • Invoice Purchasing/Factoring
  • A/R Management

Other Services:

  • Intercreditor Agreements
  • Debtor-In-Possession (DIP) Funding
  • Capital for Reorganization Plans
  • Funding of Government Receivables
  • Bridge Financing
  • One-off Transactions

Access Solution

Click on the labels below to read stories about how we've made a difference.

  • CHALLENGE Start-up with no operating history

    SOLUTION Provided working capital revolving line of credit to finance company from first billing. Initially $1 million, over four years it’s grown to $7 million.

    RESULTS Company grew from a single office start-up to a national platform with offices in major cities around the country and $50 million in annual revenues. Access Capital continues to finance the company’s continued growth.

  • CHALLENGE New management in turn-around mode as technological changes in industry force development of new business model amidst sharply falling revenues and bloated legacy cost structure

    SOLUTION Financed carefully developed management plan including both revolving and term debt

    RESULTS Funding from Access Capital gave management adequate time to implement plan. Sales drop leveled, then again began to grow; expenses got under control. After two years, company again achieved positive cash flow, turn-around managers merged company with larger competitor, continue to run their division.

  • CHALLENGE After a decade of financing from Access Capital, client sells magazine for millions of dollars. Promptly after the sale, wants to go back into business.

    SOLUTION Client returns to Access Capital to finance next venture.

    RESULTS Two years later, new venture is already considerably more valuable than prior business, Access Capital continues to provide financing and advice.

  • CHALLENGE Seasoned code writers have opportunity to become entrepreneurs in fast growing specialty market, need capital together with back office solution.

    SOLUTION Revolving line of credit together with full service processing.

    RESULTS Took company public within two years, founding shareholders get millions of dollars each in IPO and continue to control company.

  • CHALLENGE Seasoned business experiences cyclical market downturn, asked to repay long-time commercial bank loan.

    SOLUTION Access Capital pays out the bank, increases facility based on large orders from new customer.

    RESULTS Company recovers, success of program with new customer leads to many more new customers with similar requirements, Access Capital continues to increase credit facility to permit continued expansion. Former bank returns to attempt to win back company’s business, company refuses because they’ve learned the value of Access Capital.

  • CHALLENGE Heavy start-up costs lead to Chapter XI filing and termination of existing banking relationship. Company’s turn around consultant attempts to obtain financing from 12 different lenders, 11 of which turned the company down, most prior to even an initial meeting.

    SOLUTION Access Capital’s experience and comfort level with service receivables and virtual businesses allowed debtor-in-possession financing for the company.

    RESULTS Within nine months, company is operating profitably in Chapter XI. A bankruptcy auction for the business attracts significant interest, resulting in 363 auction sale proceeds of more than three times the amount initially anticipated for the company.