President’s Welcome

milesI founded Access Capital in 1986, when I was 33 years old. It was my lifelong career goal to be an entrepreneur who worked with other entrepreneurs to become successful together. It’s a great feeling to know that at Access Capital we achieve that goal every day.

The road to Access Capital began for me as a teenager leading rock and roll bands. A good band needs good musicians and my first role in starting up a band was to attract the best talent - people who were not only great soloists, but also played well in the group. The music business was also my introduction to the on-going challenges of running a growing business - managing cash flow, handling credit and collections from the places we played, juggling our expenses and staying on top of all of the other kinds of unglamorous but necessary items that must be dealt with for any enterprise, including a rock band, to exist. It was only many years later that I realized the most meaning I got from rocking and rolling wasn’t from playing guitar, but from doing the other things required for the band to perform. This was my introduction to running a business.

After rock and roll I was in a hurry to get on with becoming an entrepreneur. I spent the next years focused on academic preparation and professional training. I skipped two grades, graduated college (Yale, cum laude) early and went right to law school (NYU).

I joined a major New York City law firm and for years could barely come up for air. By age 30 I was already the youngest partner at the 75 year old firm where I worked. But while practicing law was a great opportunity to develop a valuable skill set, I realized that as interesting as it was I would have to give up the practice to realize my ambition of becoming an entrepreneur.

The years of basic training giving 24/7 hands-on client service to create state of the art legal work was wonderfully helpful in setting our model for client service at Access Capital. The contacts on Wall Street and in the venture capital community have also been important. People I’d represented became my first clients and we were fortunate to have done well right from the start.  Although I never found my lack of any formal business training to be an impediment to success, my desire to add academic insight to practical experience led me to enroll in business school part time, beginning when Access Capital was already 15 years old.  A decade later I finally graduated (Harvard Business School, YPO/CEO Executive Education Program).

I believe that there are two primary qualities that have defined our on-going, long-term success: the quality of our people and the quality of our clients. Throughout our history, it’s been just as important for us to find and keep the best talent here as it was for me to get great musicians as a teenager playing rock gigs. Team Access is privileged to have a collection of tremendously smart, hard working, creative, caring and well trained individuals who perform well individually and just as importantly are exceptional in the ways in which we all work together.

As to our clients, whether the business is a small start-up or a large, seasoned operation, we’ve been privileged to work with some great people and it’s our honor to finance them.

If you want to learn more about how we can finance your business, I invite you to contact me or any of our business development officers. What we can offer is an abundance of capital and capability from which we can all profit together.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Best wishes,

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At the request of the William Clinton Foundation and UBS    
AG, Miles M. Stuchin served as a consultant on the launch    
of their new program to promote domestic entrepreneurship