The Team Approach

We enable companies to achieve fast track growth. No delays, no burdensome committees to approve loans or modifications. From first contact with us, each client has a team of our experts available who have the authority to make firm commitments and the ability to turn those their commitments quickly into funded transactions.

Just as importantly, the informal and effective style remains after closing and throughout the life of the relationship - often for many, many years. The business development officer and underwriter who initially worked on the matter are joined by a dedicated team of three additional Access Capital professionals - an Account Executive, a Client Service Officer and a Credit Specialist - to support and service both a client’s daily needs as well as its on-going growth and development.

The Access Capital Team for each client distinguishes itself by its success in understanding the specific opportunities and challenges of the individual client and by providing the financial architecture and the accompanying funding to permit the client to realize on its business opportunities and to achieve its desired business growth.