Meet The Access Team



What do you like to do outside of Access?
Guitar playing, gigging with my band and fishing. I like to work with my hands and do a lot of auto and home repair and maintenance.

Who is your role model?
Andrew Macchio, my best man, a husband, father and accomplished businessman, who lost his battle with cancer with dignity and grace. Bill Bradley, the former senator, star basketball player and Rhoades scholar.

What is your favorite book? Movie? Song or musical artist?
Books: “The Bourne Identity,” Robert Ludlum, “The Theatetus,” Plato, “The Open Man,” Dave DeBusschere, “Hunt For Red October,” Tom Clancy, “Timeline,” Michael Crichton.
Movies: National Treasure, What Women Want, Groundhog Day.
Musical Artists: The Beatles, BB King, Eagles, Clapton, AC/DC.
In the movie version of your life, who gets to star as you? Joe Mantegna or Frank Langella.

What was the year you joined Access Capital?

Which talent would you most like to have?
A photographic memory. Perfect pitch

What’s one thing that you always carry with you?
A guitar pick

What is your favorite journey?
The road home.