Payroll Funding, Asset Based Lending, Acquisition Financing/Senior Term Loans

Access Capital has financed over a thousand companies in a broad range of industries, ranging from small start-ups to large corporations. Our principal focus is on lending to staffing companies, and over the years we have grown and developed into the nation’s leading independent lender to the staffing industry. In addition, we’ve also financed other kinds of service companies, media companies, distributors and manufacturers in various industries.

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Payroll Funding

Our specialized expertise makes us an extremely attractive financing source for staffing companies. The experience of so many of our borrowers is simply that by working with us, they’re more successful.

Asset Based Lending

Access Capital invests quality time with each and every client to understand their business, ensure the properly planned execution of their specific objectives and structure a working capital solution to meet their goals.

Acquisition Financing/Senior Term Loans

Clients can take advantage of opportunities in the market to foster exponential growth while also securing working capital to support their existing business. Our underwriters have the experience necessary to provide clients with term loan financing for acquisitions and can provide advice and support during the process of identifying and evaluating a prospective transaction.

The Access Capital Difference – Increase Your Profitability

Unlock working capital by taking advantage of a customized solution designed to work for your specific business needs.

No overbearing covenants or restrictive lending parameters.

Retain equity, improve cash flow and enhance growth with our financing solutions.

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The partnership with Miles Stuchin and Access Capital has been nothing but exceptional. Miles has been a mentor and a true partner in our business. We have thoroughly benefited from working with his team and all the insights we have gained to enhance the growth of our business.

Dinesh Boaz

Creative Director and CoFounder, Direct Agents

Their methodical diligence process translated into a competitive loan structure, providing both lower borrowing cost and greater flexibility for management to effectively run the business.

David Antar

President, Advance Convergence Group, Inc.

I especially appreciated how much the Access Capital account management team contributed to our relationship. They asked questions that needed to be asked, understood how we worked, and helped us to achieve some challenging goals that my CEO asked me to make happen.

Nick Visco

CFO, Seal Consulting, Inc.