Our Story

The story of Access Capital begins with entrepreneurs taking a leap of faith to start a company with the specific purpose of fostering
the growth and success of other entrepreneurs across the country.

Years of life
1953 – 2020

Founder’s Welcome

Welcome to Access Capital. My wife, Marcie and I wrote the business plan for Access Capital in 1985 and started operations in 1986. We wanted to create a place where entrepreneurs could get financing from other entrepreneurs.

With each of our clients, our mission is to be there for the “Life of Your Company.” To be there for life says two things: first, it’s about duration, the length of life; but it’s also about vita, the quality of life. It’s our goal at Access Capital to make your company’s life the best it can be, now and for the long term. And we have a very long and successful record of financing clients who have enhanced their quality of life by using our capital to grow materially, both in sales and profit. Our experience ranges from working with small start-ups to well established public companies with substantial revenues. If this is something you also want to achieve, you’ve come to the right place.

I hope you find our approach to doing business to be very desirable. Our goal is to work with you so that you can make more money. By putting you first, ultimately we do better, too. This is a different message than one would expect from an asset based lender, but it’s more about substance than message. Our performance speaks for itself, and you can be the beneficiary of it.


Miles M. Stuchin