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Access Capital has established specializations in financing media companies, distributors and manufacturers for over thirty years.

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Media Companies

The media industry is experiencing unprecedented disruption. Long entrenched media companies and forms of content delivery are being disintermediated by new rising players. We have financed companies in the media business throughout our history and continue to be active in the industry using our deep experience to support the growth of the good to become better and the consistent opportunities and challenges of invention and reinvention.


We provide the right financing options to distributors by understanding the supply chain for the products they sell. That means we’re familiar with their purchase order requirements and other specifics so we can help our clients maximize their cash flow thus enabling them to take on larger orders and grow exponentially.


The creation of a finished product requires input from many different sources, employees, vendors and other suppliers. The need to pay these third parties in advance of the time you’re paid for the product is a problem we solve. This enables you to deliver larger orders, take on more customers and grow your business with our capital.

The Access Capital Difference

The financing and support from the Access Capital team allows you to focus on continuing to meet the needs of your clients, invest in your business and achieve your goals.

Every member of our team possesses a strong belief in supporting the entrepreneurial spirit and we have over 30 years of experience partnering with media companies, distributors and manufacturers.

You can achieve maximum growth potential by aligning yourself with us and take advantage of our deep understanding of your industry.

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Access Capital was recommended to us by a business associate years ago and we could not be happier with our decision to work with them. Not only do they understand our unique business needs, everyone at Access is a pleasure to work with. Access has been an invaluable resource to us in many business decisions, ranging from our day-to-day needs to providing guidance on acquisitions. They have always been flexible in working with us as our business needs have changed and we truly feel that we have found a long term partner in Access Capital. Clearly, Access cares about the success of their clients.

Gary Schonfeld

CEO, AdLarge Media

Since the very first day I spoke to Vince Grillo at Access Capital about who the company was, and why I should select them versus several other private ABL companies, my experience has been nothing but positive. The partnership we have grown with the Access team has allowed me to feel as though they are rooting for us and we are on the same team.

Jan Lederman

President, Mamiya America Corporation

Pearl Media has been fortunate enough to work with the team at Access Capital for many years. As our company and its needs have grown year over year, Access has demonstrated the willingness and ability to grow their offering along with us. In my experience, it’s imperative to have a financial partner who understands not only the unique needs of your company, but the industry as well. Access does just that, and the flexible lending they’re able to provide continues to facilitate our long-term growth.

Andrew Reich

CFO, Pearl Media